Intruder Alarm Systems

Safeguard your business from unauthorised access with a tailor made burglar alarm system.
A fully customized security system will offer you peace of mind that your premises is protected 24/7/365 days a year.

When you need an intruder alarm for your business, you must consider which entry points and locations you want protected. This investigation will determine where alarm detectors should be placed to provide the best security coverage.

Guide InfoTech expert can survey your site to determine your company’s needs for Intruder Alarm Systems. They will then create a plan detailing exactly how your detectors and intruder alarm should be installed on your premises in accordance with the relevant business specifications. The expert will also consider the possibility of theft, the ease of disposal and the value of goods on the premises.

You should think about what you want the intruder alarm system to accomplish and seek advice on how to achieve your goals.

-----Alarm Devices

Components of an Alarm System

An alarm system is made up of a number of interconnected devices.

Detecting Devices:

Intruders are detected by these devices, also known as motion detectors, based on their movement. Infrared waves emitted by objects in their vicinity, as well as changes in their level, are detected by motion sensors in motion detectors.

Surveillance Cameras:

To record everything that comes into their range, video cameras are installed at the entry/exit and high threat prone areas.

Control Panel:

This is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the Intrusion Alarm System/Intruder Alarm System, which connects various devices. It receives and transmits signals from other devices, instructing them to perform pre-programmed tasks.


When an intruder is detected by the security system, the control panel sends a signal to the siren/hooter, which makes a loud noise and alerts both the intruder and the property owners.


Types of Alarm Systems

There are many systems to choose from that fit particular business needs, below are some;-

On the basis of wiring, Alarm Systems are of two types-
On the basis of wiring, Alarm Systems are of two types-

Wired System:

This is the most widely used system. A wired system includes a main control panel, motion sensors, panic alarms, and break glass sensors.

Wireless System:

A wireless system functions similarly to a wired system, except that detection is relayed to the control panel via radio frequencies.

On the basis of monitoring, Alarm Systems are of two types-
On the basis of monitoring, Alarm Systems are of two types-


Alarm systems that fall under this category, the home owners or security guards bear sole responsibility for observing and responding to intrusions. In the event of an intrusion, it will be the duty of the deployed security guards to notify the police so that action can be taken.

Professionally Monitored:

There are numerous companies in the security market that offer device monitoring services from their own base. In the event of an intrusion attempt, they receive an alert and dispatch a professionally trained response team while also notifying the police.

Schedule a free consultation with us to determine which type of Intruder Alarm Systems will best serve your organization’s needs.


Advantages of Burglar Alarm System

When it comes to security systems, there are numerous factors to consider, including how the security system can benefit your home or business. Here are a few examples of why that is so.

Deter Intruders
Deter Intruders

Intruder alarm systems act as a deterrent to potential intruders, assisting in the prevention of crime.

Guaranteed Security
Guaranteed Security

You can leave for the day knowing that your employees, assets, and the building itself, as well as your livelihood, are secure.

Individually Tailored
Individually Tailored

Since every business has different needs, our intruder systems are individually tailored to your specific requirements.

System Integration
System Integration

Our intrusion detection systems can communicate with third-party solutions to provide a centralized system.

Take Action
Take Action

An intruder system allows you to take quick action during a break-in, assisting you in protecting your people and property.

Report Generation
Report Generation

You can request reporting that shows who entered and exited your business and when; intruder alarms are armed and disarmed using individual codes.

-----Why Us

Find the right Intruder Alarm System Experts

Our experienced team will design and install the best system for you and your property.

Installation Process
Installation Process

Once we've determined the best system for your needs, we'll perform a quick and efficient intruder alarm installation from our selection of wired and wireless systems.

24/7 Remote Monitoring
24/7 Remote Monitoring

You can rest easy knowing that if one of your intruder alarm systems goes off, our alarm monitoring center will notify the appropriate people right away.

Experts Advice
Experts Advice

For many years, we've been providing expert security advice, identifying security risks and devising solutions that keep you safe and intruders out.

Burglar Alarm System Maintenance

The system should be maintained on an ongoing basis by a competent approved security systems company.

According to the agreement, your intruder alarm maintenance will include a call out service with a minimum response time. This will ensure that any emergencies are handled as soon as possible.

Preventative maintenance should be performed on all intruder alarm systems to ensure that the system is operating at peak efficiency and that any failing parts are replaced before they cause a major malfunction. These tests should be performed on an annual basis.

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