Electric Fencing

An electric fence is unquestionably the wiser, safer choice when compared to a traditional fence.

Electric fencing is an excellent perimeter deterrent when properly installed. It serves as a perimeter alarm system as well as a physical barrier to keep intruders out of the property.

As one of your first lines of defense, commercial electric fencing should be zoned and synced with the business alarm system. If an intruder tampers with the fence, an early warning signal will be sent, and identified zones will indicate location on larger sites.

While the fundamentals of commercial electric fencing remain the same, there are numerous factors to consider for optimal installation. The number of strands, the distance between the strands, the length and number of zones and the integration with other types of fencing or walls are all determined by the specific needs of each client.


Electric Fencing Solutions

In a typical security setup, electric fencing is regarded as the first line of defense. When touched, it creates a physical barrier that sets off an alarm and delivers a 10,000-volt shock. By monitoring the return voltage to the energiser, the electric fence detects an alarm. The energiser will sound an alarm if the fence voltage falls below a predetermined level, whether due to wire cuts or blankets thrown over the fence.

Electric fencing can be installed as a full height or wall top fence, making climbing or cutting impossible.

Globally, there is a growing need for increased security to deter intruders. Whereas in the past, a security fence was simply a passive physical barrier, the reality of today’s world requires the use of an active intrusion detection system that responds to any intrusion attempts, preventing or delaying intruder access, and is not reliant on human surveillance.

The Deter, Detect, and Delay approach is commonly used when designing these physical security systems, and the Electric Fence meets all three.

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Advantages of the Electric Fencing

The following are some of the advantages of electric fencing:

Low Cost Installation
Low Cost Installation

It is not necessary to spend a fortune to reap the benefits of electric fence for security. You can add electric components to an existing fence by installing the required features parallel to or on top of the existing fence on your property.


The primary reason for installing a commercial electric security fence is for security reasons. It will deter potential intruders and other unwanted guests on your property. It serves as a physical and intimidating barrier between your company and potential intruders.


Choosing an electric commercial fence gives you the benefit of versatility. In fact, your existing fence can be upgraded to include electrical technology. Depending on your needs, you can add electrical components to the top or bottom of your fence to prevent climbing or crawling.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, you'll need to use a voltage meter to check the voltage that the electric fence emits on a regular basis and you'll need to keep the fence clear of grass and other debris. Aside from that, this security option practically looks after itself.

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