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We would describe the previous year as “unpredictable.” Many pre-pandemic marketing strategies never came to fruition; others saw the light of day as a result of quick and forced revisions; and yet others caught the globe off surprise, establishing themselves as total dictators. If you believe that digital marketing comprises all of the ways you may communicate with your audience, the previous year taught us the opposite by teaching us a few essential lessons.

1.  Influencer Marketing

Given the expanding popularity of platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and blogs, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are paying influencers to promote their products. You’ve probably noticed this digital marketing trend for yourself.

Influencers of all sizes have begun uploading sponsored content and entering into commercial deals, working directly with firms to get their message through. According to data, influencer marketing was worth $10 million last year and is anticipated to grow further.

Let’s examine where we stand on influencer marketing right now:

  • According to the 2020 Influencer Marketing Report, more than half of digital marketers consider influencer marketing to be an important and feasible technique.
  • It makes sense, given that 61% of customers aged 18-34 confess to following internet influencers for product suggestions and purchasing decisions.
  • Furthermore, 90 percent of marketers believe that authenticity is vital when choosing influencers to promote a product, thus many marketers are increasingly turning to micro-influencers.

Previously, marketers favored Instagram influencers over creators on other platforms, focusing on locating Instagram influencers and developing connections with them. Nonetheless, YouTube remains popular, especially among vloggers, video podcasters, and beauty channels. One advantage of focusing on micro-influencers in the future is that they are usually easier to approach and collaborate with, so keep this in mind as you perform your research.

2.  Voice and Visual Search Optimization

It’s no secret that smart speakers like Alexa, Cortana, and Google Home have recently grown in popularity. Voice search is growing more popular as an alternative to typing. It is not only speedier, but also much more convenient for our fast-paced modern life.

To stay at the top, or to get there in the first place, your marketing approach must incorporate voice search optimization:

  • Create a Google My Business listing since nowadays most consumers frequently use the “near me” keyword, if you provide such services, your company should be listed online.
  • Optimize your blog material so that it appears as a highlighted snippet on Google;
  • Answer the questions you’re assuming people are asking directly;
  • Increase the speed with which your website loads;
  • Incorporate more conversational language into your text.

Keep these ideas in mind whenever you release new content and review existing information for changes. Voice search is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing trends, therefore include it in your marketing strategy.

3.  Chatbots

Chatbots have grown so popular that, in addition to saving time, they may also help a firm decrease expenses and create more income. Chatbots have been a boon to support personnel all around the world, who now have more time to address complicated consumer inquiries while chatbots handle the easy ones.

Customers benefit from the chatbot trend as well, because they may obtain fast responses instead of waiting for the support team to answer phones or emails.

4.  Video Marketing

When it comes to video advertising, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are all significant, as the vast majority of internet users view video material on a regular basis.

According to the Search Engine Journal, more than 60% of customers indicated that video was the only sort of material that was actually interesting for them and that they viewed it on a regular basis.

Many businesses are beginning to use DIY-style movies instead of very professional-looking video advertising campaigns in the spirit of authenticity, brand narrative, and engagement. Consider this while designing your future user-generated content marketing efforts; you may be in for some pleasant surprises.

Video marketing returns to authenticity and trustworthiness, which, as you may have anticipated, are likely to be two of the most important digital marketing trends this year and beyond. There are several methods available for real video marketing, including live streaming, video podcasts, vlogging, IGTV, vertical videos, and more.


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