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A video surveillance system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy. Whether you manage one or thousands of locations, an effective video surveillance system can deter crime while also providing valuable business insights. Choosing the right video surveillance system for your business can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for, but our experts at Guide InfoTech can help.

From traditional local video surveillance to IP systems and cloud-based storage options, Guide InfoTech can design, install, service and monitor the right video system for your needs.

Protect your business from theft, vandalism and intruders with our comprehensive video surveillance and CCTV systems. CCTV is an essential addition to your building if you’re looking to improve security.

From traditional local video surveillance to IP systems and cloud-based storage options, Guide InfoTech can design, install, service, and monitor the right video system for your needs.

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Types of CCTV Surveillance Systems

There are various types of CCTV systems based on the technology used and how footage is transmitted; are as follows;-

Analog CCTV Systems

These systems use BNC connectors on coaxial cables to transmit continuous video signals. Analog CCTV systems have a low resolution despite being inexpensive and effective. The systems require a video capture card to store the images on a tape recorder or a PC.

Digital CCTV Systems

Despite operating similarly to analog systems, they digitize signals at the camera level. Furthermore, because images are directly stored on a computer, digital CCTV systems do not require a video capture card. However, the systems are heavily compressed because recording takes up more space.

IP/Network CCTV Systems

IP CCTV systems use a video server to stream the feed over the internet. They can use digital or analog HD security cameras to capture the footage. If you use IP cameras, however, you can combine several cameras into one.

All three options are still equally in use, with a high tendency to IP camera systems and digital video cameras.


Advantages of a CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV surveillance offers many advantages. The technology enables you to:

Deter Crimes
Deter Crimes

While technology cannot prevent an ongoing crime, criminals are less likely to break into and rob your building if it is heavily monitored.

Protect Your Employees
Protect Your Employees

The system can alert you if there is a threat or an emergency in your building, allowing you to keep your employees safe.

Gain Visibility
Gain Visibility

Gain visibility into what's going on at your company, providing you with better information and increased security.

Improve Operations
Improve Operations

Leverage the video data and insights you gather from video surveillance to help increase operational efficiencies.

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We don’t take security lightly, so our CCTV installation process reflects the care we believe should be taken to safeguard your commercial property.

Meeting Your Business Needs
Meeting Your Business Needs

Our staff will design, install, maintain, and upgrade a wide range of video surveillance solutions to meet the specific needs and budget of your business. From simple camera solutions for small offices to complex enterprise-class video surveillance systems for large campuses, we can meet a wide range of requirements.

Security System Integration
Security System Integration

We understand that completely replacing your current security system can incur additional – and unnecessary – costs. Our experts will work with you to integrate your new devices into your existing physical security system, making your business not only safer but also more cost-effective.

Service Maintenance
Service Maintenance

Our staff can also assist you if you have a CCTV system that you believe is outdated or not performing properly. We provide CCTV repair, maintenance, and servicing to ensure that you are getting the highest quality footage that is viewable in the most efficient manner.

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